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  • case study
    The term ‘case study’ in practice-based research refers to an individual practitioner’s comprehensive research into his practice: each practitioner as such represents a singular case study. Every case study consists of a spectrum of interrogations and engages in a variety of research(...)
  • communities of practice
    The investigations of a practitioner’s community of practice in practice-based research serves a two-fold purpose: to contextualise and position an individual research case study within a realm of practices for which the findings and outcomes of the research in question may have relevance and(...)
  • creative practice research
    Creative practice research is research in the medium of creative practice itself. It is a form of academic research which incorporates an element of practice in the methodology and research output.
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  • explanation of methods
    Practice-based research cannot draw upon a received and sanctioned set of research ‘methods’: the term, while it suggests that some such repertoire of methods may be available, is therefore contested: Practitioners sometimes prefer to talk about individual research strategies and specific(...)
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  • public behaviours
    The types of ‘public behaviours’ under investigation fall loosely into two categories: the public behaviours associated with a venturous practice at large and those more closely related to the research mode of the practice. [see CPR Glossary entry: Practice in Research Mode] The term(...)
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  • tacit knowledge
    The basic premise of design practice research is to exteriorise, make explicit and voice research knowledge which is per default interiorised, implicit and tacit in ongoing design practice. The prime methodical aim of this form of research is to release the ‘sealed cognitive research capital’(...)
  • transformative triggers
    The notion ‘transformative triggers’ serves to induce reflection in practice-based research both into the dynamic and possible transformation of a practice and into the roots and causes for the potential shifts and changes that may be observed in a practice. The observations may refer to a(...)
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