Method and Methodology by Prof Lyndal Jones

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00:01 Introduction and preamble to topic

02:20 Audio excerpt by Laurie Anderson

05:00 Henk Borgdorff on research

07:00 Use of the words methods and methodology

08:30 Different types of methods i.e. scientific method, case study method etc

10:50 Example of derelict house project in Avoca

11:45 L. J. suggests that we don’t call research activities ‘methods’ but ‘techniques’ or ‘processes’

12:40 Process 1: Influenced by context

15:00 Process 2: Addressing history

20:35 Addressing sustainability with resources

21:07 Process 7: Addressing heritage issues with repair

22:25 Process 25: Addressing sustainability with resources (again)

22:41 Henk Borgdorff (again)

23:40 Repairing and renovating the house

28:40 About Steven Johnson (on platforms and networks)

30:20 On discipline beginnings

32:05 Specific material practices

34:00 ‘Yes, and…’ versus ‘Yes, but’

37:00 Recording strategies, interaction strategies

38:40 Processes developed by others

41:55 Training techniques

47:50 The Arc project

49:00 Recap

53:00 Support from specific writers

55:45 Process 41: Other artists

58:28 Process 12: The focus of the art event

62:55 Henk Borgdorff (again) Methodological pluralism

63:56 Some writings

64:30 Process 8: Taking elements off-site to create new relations as artworks


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